Fin-Nor Santiago SA130 Fishing Reels
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Model Number: SA130
Fin-Nor Santiago SA130 Fishing Reels

Santiago Features:

  • One-Piece Aluminum Frame, Forged Aluminum Spool, 4 Ceramic/Hybrid Ball Bearings
    Santiago is perfectly designed and sized for the special needs of today's big game angler. A solid one-piece, fully-machined aluminum frame and one-piece aluminum spool is supported with a machined, stainless steel center-shaft turning on four ultra-smooth and ultra-strong ceramic/stainless hybrid ball bearings.
  • Push-Button / Dial-Release Two-Speed Shift System
    Santiago reels feature two speeds for quick line pick-up and power on demand. An easy-to-use button pushes in for a powerful low-gear, and easily twists out for high-speed retrieves.
  • Santiago Drag System
    Revolutionary in its design, Santiago's drag system is big enough, strong enough and smooth enough to fish IGFA-rated mono lines or the heaviest of braided lines. The water-resistant, multi-layer drag system features a durable, over-sized machined Titanium drag plate working in conjunction with additional carbon fiber drag plates to create incredibly smooth, long-lasting drag performance specifically designed to handle strong, long-fighting fish. The Santiago's ''Free'' setting provides completely friction-less spooling with powerful drag at ''Strike'', and extra power at ''Full''.
  • Ergonomic Handle Knob
    A newly designed, ergonomic handle knob makes Santiago reels comfortable for the angler to fish, and allows you to stay on a fish with greater comfort and control.
  • Classic Fin-Nor Gold-Anodized Corrosion Resistant Finish
    Distinctive Fin-Nor classic gold anodizing protects Santiago against all of the elements of the ocean and the big game fishing environment.

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In. / Turn
(100% of Spool)



Strike w/free spool





L: 1.06:1

H: 2.37:1

L: 21.53

H: 48.15


11.44 lbs

80 lbs

110 lbs

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